• Courageously
    Facing Change

    Our human-centered & sustainable
    products stand to support women as
    they brave the unconventional and
    embrace the new through every
    season of change they experience.

  • Committing to

    Not only do we use sustainable
    materials that are kind to the planet.
    but the quality of our products also
    ensure they will last for a long time
    with proper care.

  • Cultivating an
    Empowering Community

    More than anything, we seek to empower women at their most
    vulnerable. We aim to initiate a ripple
    effect of support among strong women who always have each other's backs.

About Us

Based in Leicestershire, England, we have a passionate, driven team focusing on creating a sustainable future. We believe that every young girl and woman should have access to period products. Therefore, since establishing Femme Tasse, we have focused on providing school girls with reusable starter packs to not only provide them with sustainable alternatives, but to improve the accessibility of period products.

Did you know that during lockdown, 30% of girls aged 14-21 in the UK struggled to afford or access period products. Over half of these girls resorted to using toilet paper in their time of need. 

Our Mission

As women, we carry the burden of change throughout our lives.
Changing expectations, changing moods, changing bodies.

You name it, we've experienced it.

These unpredictable circumstances often come with a sense of
unrest and uncertainty - especially when we're on our periods.

That's why we've made it our mission to empower the modern
woman to brave each season of change through our secure, stylish,
and sustainable period staples.

We work around our products with the belief that women don't have
to feel compromised at their most vulnerable time of the month.

Confidently go on with our days with our heads held high.
Feel your absolute best, inside and out.
All while contributing to the preservation of Mother Earth.

We are constantly working at improving our products, becoming more sustainable, and growing our portfolio. With the help of De Montfort University, we are exploring groundbreaking innovations to implement within our range, giving you the best possible product to protect you at your time of need.

Femme Tasse is not just another period product.
We're here to make you feel good, look good, while doing good.

We're here with you as you courageously conquer every season of your womanhood.

Make the Switch

Discover your new favorite period staple

Make difference in your life with our sustainable and reusable period products, while also making a difference in this world.