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Femme Tasse Menstrual Cups

Femme Tasse Menstrual Cups

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Experience freedom like never before.

Delicately designed for effortless living, our menstrual cup offers unparalleled comfort and reliability, so you can focus on conquering your day, not your cycle.


Small: 58mm x 42mm
For women with a low cervix that have not given birth

Medium: 64mm x 47mm
For women over 30 or that have given birth

Large: 68mm x 46mm
For women over 30 or that have given birth

How To Use

Inserting your menstrual cup may take a bit of practice, but we’ve found the best way to be folding or squishing the cup, before inserting. You may find it to be beneficial to try whilst not on your period. Just be sure to remove it and clean it. You will know if the cup is positioned correctly if you can’t feel it when you move.

If you are experiencing leakages, it usually means that the cup is not positioned correctly. The cup should suction to the vaginal wall. Menstrual cups can be worn safely for up to 12 hours, so that covers a worry free day or night. It may take a couple of periods to gain confidence, our reusable pads and pants can offer a feeling of safety to first-time users.

To remove your menstrual cup, pull or rock the stem, until you feel the suction release. Once removed, clean the cup using a mild, fragrance-free soap, before reinserting.

Up to 12-Hours of Protection
Swim, run, work or sleep for up to 12 hours. Not only is it leak-free, but it's the best menstrual cup in terms of comfort. We've engineered our period cup from the softest silicone that forms to your body for maximum protection.

Last up to 10+ Years
With proper use and care, your menstrual cup can last for many years, possibly even 10+ years. The cup may discolor over time, but is still good to use as long as there is no damage.

Preventing waste
How much waste will you save our planet from when you use the menstrual cup? According to our careful calculations, one menstrual cup used for 10 years replaces a minimum of 2,400 tampons, most of which contain chemicals that leach into our earth and plastic applicators that take centuries to decompose. Our menstrual cup is FDA registered, and made from 100% medical-grade silicone

Product Care


Whilst on your period, remove your cup, dispose of your menstrual fluid in the toilet, and rinse under cold water. Once rinsed, use a mild, fragrance-free soap to clean the cup, before reinserting. Once your period has finished, we advise boiling your cup to kill any remaining bacteria. To do this, boil enough water to cover the cup, and submerge the cup for 5-10 minutes in the boiling water. Dry completely, then store in a dry, safe place, ready for your next period.

Shipping & Returns


Within 14 days of receipt, unopened underwear is eligible for a return or exchange providing the hygiene seal has not been broken, and the underwear has not been tried on or removed from the original packaging.

The customer is responsible for any return shipping costs for any unopened returned items.

Once the unopened item has been inspected at our returns centre and found eligible, a refund will be issued for the cost of the underwear. Any original or subsequent shipping costs will not be refunded.

After the 14-day period has lapsed, refunds and exchange requests will not be accepted.

Any underwear returned or received after the 14-day period will be disposed of.

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